Attitude, Aptitude, Altitude

(I'm really sorry for the delay of posts! Our connection got cut for 3 days and wala rin akong nasulat because nagkaroon ako ng reason to not write. No internet-can't upload-so why write?. Haha gulay, self.) 30-Day Blogging Challenge Day 05: Your Proudest Moment I was seven when I entered the elementary level. I went from … Continue reading Attitude, Aptitude, Altitude


To Empathize and Empower

Day 03 of 30-Day Blogging Challenge My favorite quote. Aside from the fact that I love reading books, I always make sure to write down or if I'm being a slacker I highlight the quotations or conversations I liked from the book. Now before you give me that death stare. Yes, I know the unwritten … Continue reading To Empathize and Empower


There was this time when I was really sad. I grabbed my phone and started texting this random number what I was feeling that night; how I feel so alone, pressured with college, and feeling left behind by my friends. Of course, there was no response neither did I expect for a response. I wasn't … Continue reading 912