Night-time Skincare Routine/ + Review


It’s not later this year that I decided to take care of my skin thoroughly; not just the wash the face every night type of care but extra care like application of toners, moisturizers and such. To be honest, these skin rituals are beyond me but in the course of watching other fashion/lifestyle vloggers on youtube, I’ve learned how important it is to help our skin stay healthy. So, today, in celebration of this milestone (;)), I’m gonna be sharing with you guys my (Beginner’s) Night-time Skincare Routine + Review.

Disclaimer: I am not a fashion/lifestyle guru. What I’ll be writing here are primarily from what I personally like to do and have experienced with the products.

Before anything else, I always wash my face with water. Then I get a small amount of the Myra E VitaSmooth facial wash to clean my face. I love that it has what they say VitaminE beads which are not only good for making sure all the pores gets the vitamins but also feels good when gently scrubbed in the face. It also has a pretty nice scent and is rich in moisture formula which is another plus for me because I feel like my skin is a mix of dry and oily. I usually just use my clean hands, a tissue, or my mini fan to dry my face. You could also use a towel just as long as it’s clean and remember to dab on the wet area, not rub. After doing this, my skin feels clean and so smooth.


The next thing I do is apply a toner. I’m using an Eskinol facial deep cleanser, and I’ve been using this since my freshman college. I find my skin to be very comfortable with it. With just one cotton ball, it completes the cleansing of my face by removing all the dirt, pollution, and other impurities the facial wash have missed. I also find it effective in drying pesky and stubborn pimples in outmost a week of continuous application. After applying, my face feels tight and kinda feels as if it’s poreless because of how smooth it is.


And then I proceed on moisturizers. When it comes to moisturizers, I like to try different brands and products. Being a beginner, I find it convenient to buy those that are in small packs so whenever I discover my skin isn’t that comfortable with the product, it doesn’t hurt me much and my wallet (especially my wallet) to let go of it.

So for my moisturizer, I use, again, a MyraE product- the VitaSmooth in pink and VitaWhite in sky blue. This is actually the second brand I’m trying for moisturizer; for the past three months I was using the iWhite Aqua Moisturizer but we’ll get into much of that later. I already finished a pack of the VitaSmooth and after using it for a week, I don’t see any visible change that has happened to my skin. I initially thought it was a water-based moisturizer like the iWhite Aqua I previously used but then it has like this dewy but less than gel-like texture and I noticed that my skin felt a little sticky a few seconds before it dried. And that was a bit off for me but besides that I think it served well as a facial moisturizer. A week of application and I noticed my skin looking more healthy and, well, moisturized.

I also tried the VitaWhite facial moisturizer (the blue one), and it’s also the one I’m using the past days. The texture is almost the same as the pink but less dewy and a bit close to being water-based. Personally, I think, I love this product more than the pink one not only because it is less sticky in the face but also it has this whitening effect that I need because of all the burnt this mad sun is giving me whenever I go out. I also remember just 3 days after using this, my mom noticed how my face turned lighter and glowing. So, this product has my two thumbs up.

For days when I feel like a lot of oil and impurities has clogged in my skin escpecially in the nose area, I apply this trusty nose pack from Beautyfix. I know how hard it is to find the right and efficient nose pack so when I got to tried this, I was absolutely impressed and since then I always come back for this specific nose pack. Yes, there are still a lot of products that are way better than this but I also know for a fact how expensive they can be. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet effective pack, then this Beautyfix brand is the one for you!


Previously, I mentioned I used another product before this which was the iWhite Aqua Moisturizer. I don’t have a picture of it but it is the one in the blue potion bottle pack. It is water-based which means it’s easy to dry and non-greasy. I like it very much because it moisturizes my skin very well, feels smooth and I noticed that throughout the day of being under the ~sometimes unbearable~ heat of this tropical weather, my skin doesn’t look haggard and oily. I used this every day at school before applying my face powder. I definitely recommend this especially for those who has an eye for affordable with good quality moisturizers. Although, when I found out the price of MyraE, I was a tad bit shocked because you can literally buy two moisturizers from MyraE with just one iWhite moisturizer. Haha, and since it’s still summer and I am a broke college student, I grabbed the cheaper one!

Back to the routine, the last thing I apply in my face is this Miracle Cream by Lily’s Touch. Before the moisturizers came in play, this and the facial wash are the products that pioneered in my face. I’ve been using this for a long while now. It was originally my mom’s and being the sneaky that I am, I snitched this from my mom and began using it since the time I realized I’m 20 and my skin is going to deteriorate anytime soon if I neglect taking care of it. (This is irrelevant but it’s kinda funny and I just had to share it, lol : Remember that one episode in HIMYM when present Barney met future Barney at the McLaren’s pub and future Barney high-fived and gave props to present Barney for taking good care of his skin making him looking gorgeous still over the years? Hahaha yep, that struck in my heart and every time I do my skin care routine, that scene always follows up automatically. I’m thinking, “Man, when my future self could somehow by the grace of science will come to meet my present self, I want it to be like that epic! I want to high-five myself and thank her. Man, that’d be cool.” Haha I’m sorry for this randomness. I can’t help it!!) 

Back to the product, I apply this by scooping with my pointer finger a small amount and begin dotting it in my face. However, I find it unhygienic and messy to use because it doesn’t have anything to let you scoop the cream but I guess it still can be handled. It’s an anti-aging cream and can I just say that it is pretty impressive in drying stubborn pimples and removing the marks it left when applied religiously. Although, I don’t think it’s convenient to use when going out because I noticed that it kinda triggers your oils in the face making you look shiny and it appears obvious that you have some product in your face because the cream instantly makes you look whiter. So, I recommend that you use this only overnight or in day when you decide to just stay at home. For the absolute effect of this product, I think it definitely outweighs the cons.


And that ends my Night-time Skincare Routine. You know guys it’s not easy to put something instantly in routine, it takes a lot of work and effort. I’d be lying if I say I don’t fail putting this all up every night, but it is something that must be done. So, for the beginners out there, like me, let’s make a vow to do our best in unlocking the legitimacy of our skincare routine. I know you would also want to high five your future self someday for taking care of your skin today. 😉 I am also still learning the do’s and dont’s of skincare and exploring the magic of the vitamins and whatnot. So, if you’ve ever tried the products I mentioned, I’d be glad to know your personal thoughts and experience about them and if there are any more products out there that you want to recommend, feel free to tap ’em out on the comment box below! 🙂

May I add in here, to wrap it all up, the slogan of glossier which goes like “Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always.”


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