Photo Dump, vol.1

For the first installment on my photo dump page, I will present to you my succulent collection:


First two succulents I got!



Even before I got my hands on these cuties, I was always so giddy, already anticipating about getting one. I always wanted to have a plant that I could take care of but the universe hasn’t blessed me with green thumbs to make da greenz grow. I have already read a lot about succulents and surprise surprise they are the perfect plants for me because they are all so easy to take care of (as per what the articles are saying)!

Look how cute this one is! Did you know that aside from these cacti are so easy to take care of, it’s also so easy to propagate. You only need to carefully cut off a healthy baby cactus from the mother cactus, dry it for a day and then bring it back in the pot. It’s what I did on this one. This is a very simple yet so precious gift, isn’t it?

What I like about having a plant to take care of is that it’s like an alternate way of meditation and relaxation because you get to sit alone and think on your own, and maybe have a little talk with these beans (who doesn’t talk, lol)!




That’s it, I hope you enjoyed this photo dump. I still have a pile to upload so watch out for it! This photo dump section is a variety of photos I loved and found it to be a bummer if it didn’t make it out on the great wide interweb.




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