Thank you, 2016.

Hello, hello, hello, my dear friends. Again, I know, don’t rub it in mah face. It’s a century of a cold, empty blog. So, what happened if you may ask? In the past century, I was in between of being busy and being a lazy butt. Man school drained all the brain cells and energy left in me, and time- gahd, I hardly even got the time to update my social medias (which of course we all know is a lie and was only used to emphasis a point.). But, tonight, as I am feeling really chatty and have no one to talk to (because I refuse to talk to real people because yo gurl is scared of interactions and conversations, u kno wat i mean?), I will list down the things I did on 2016, places I’ve been to, friends I’ve made and things like that (at least the things that I can remember) just to compensate my nasty inconsistency here in the blog. And just to have a little chat. Although, I’m not actually talking to anyone of you right now, but dang it, you get it.


  • I had my first bowling game, and it was rad!
  • My friend and I went to Shell Eco Marathon!!! The experience stirred up some inspiration in my sleeping engineering cells.
  • I cut my own hair short, above shoulder length short. I also had a fringe before I cut it short.
  • We adopted a puppy!!!!!! It was funny because my Pap only decided to adopt the dog for the reason that it was said that the latter was a St. Bernard breed and it does look like one, but when it got older, the more we realized Pap got fooled.
  • I started propagating succulents!
  • I got to represent my Envi class for a fashion show competition. My first sem in TIP is something I didn’t expect, not at all.
  • My first time at Sambokojin! Oh my gahd, I need to get back there! I am missing their food 😥
  • Went to Tayug, Pangasinan after a decade for my aunt’s wedding (it was so special to me because she took care of me when I was little, always making sure my hair is fixed and I always had my siesta.)



  • Falcon run with the gang! (We did a fun video during the race, watch it here.)
  • My college friends and I went to an impulsive trip to Quezon City and had a dessert buffet at Love Desserts; it was my own heaven.
  • I get to live with two of my college buds for 5 months which made us three so much closer than ever.
  • I failed my Engineering Qualifying Exam which led me to the decision of leaving Adamson and transfer to TIP-Manila.
  • I got a Harper Lee book for my birthday! (I was also deeply saddened by her loss.)
  • On August, I was baptised.


  • TIP-ChE friends
  • Envi friends

MOVIES I WATCHED Now these are the movies/series* that made me cry, laughed so hard, and extremely furious, but wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤

  • Star Wars Saga
  • The Fall
  • Crazy Stupid Love
  • The 100
  • How to get away with Murder
  • Moana

BOOKS I’VE READ Among the other beautiful books I’ve read, these three stood out.

  • Ako Si – Bob Ong
  • The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox – Maggie O’ Farrell
  • November 9th – Colleen Hoover


  • Friends who don’t forget
  • And new friends who welcomed me so warmingly in the gang
  • Battles Im yet to win over (you guys make me stronger, thnx.)
  • The Lord who twists and turns the path to lead me back on track every time I make stupid choices. His love is just unstoppable even though I am the most stubborn in the herd.

My 2016 isn’t perfect at all, in fact it’s more of a mess than just okay in so many levels. I have battles I’m yet to conquer, fears I need to overcome, and my body still shakes when all I have to do is take a leap of faith. May mga bagay ako na hiyaang mangyari, mga bagay na nasayang dahil hindi ko binigay ‘yung buong kakayanan ko at pagmamahal para ipaglaban ‘to. Nakita ‘kong dumulas ang lahat sa pagkakahawak ‘ko. Masakit, lalo na’t alam ‘kong may kontrol ako dito pero ang huli, hinayaan ko lang. 2016 changed me; it made me become the person I never thought I’d be, I can be.

I’m 20, and I’m still as lost as you are. Naghahanap ng paglalagyan, nagmamadali na may magawang difference sa mundo. Nakaka-panic kasi parang napakabilis ng panahon at minsan nararamdaman ‘kong naiiwanan na ako. But, I have to keep in mind that I can never be as young as I am today kaya I will not hurry things up, I will eventually find a place I know in my heart and soul I belong. Where I will be able to say, “This is it. I’m finally here.”.

Ngayong 2017, this is the first time I’m going to set goals for myself (esp my mentality). Think less, do more. Be spontaneous, more adventurous. Just freaking do it, or start with it. It may be bad but that’s the only way you can do it. Love more, just love more. Forgive yourself when you make bad choices; don’t hurt yourself ever again. You can always start over. 🙂



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