Attitude, Aptitude, Altitude


(I’m really sorry for the delay of posts! Our connection got cut for 3 days and wala rin akong nasulat because nagkaroon ako ng reason to not write. No internet-can’t upload-so why write?. Haha gulay, self.) 30-Day Blogging Challenge

Day 05: Your Proudest Moment

I was seven when I entered the elementary level. I went from a small kindergarten school to a bigger school building and much larger crowd. I remember my first class then. I can remember quietly sitting in a wooden bench (I don’t know what it was called but it looks like a small bench while in the back that is connected to it is another student’s table) while my classmates are crying for their moms to take them home. I don’t remember myself crying, but I’m sure deep down I’m a wreck. So, school started and I was doing okay. Our first grading period ended and the grades were released. Just like in any other school, teachers have to announce those students who are showing excellence in class. Luckily, I got into the list. I was the 10th student and jeez I know I can remember this so clearly because of how proud I am of myself at that moment, I wasn’t really expecting I’d make it. Then all I can hear in my head when I saw my name on the list was, “I can’t wait to go home and tell my parents.”.

I was 11 when we had our TLE subject. It is a subject where they teach you how to sew, plant trees, dispose trash properly, basic cooking, and other household stuff. It was that time when we have to fry an egg. It was a practical exam. For a first time cooker, it was nerve-wracking. But I studied really hard how my teacher did it when she was doing a demonstration. Names were being called and then it was my turn. I hand her my paper where she’ll be writing down my grade. I turned on the stove, put my hand just above the pan to check if it was hot enough, poured a small amount of oil, cracked the egg above the pan, picked up the sansei, and voila little Princess frying an egg. I got a perfect hundred. I was so proud my smile was from ear to ear. “I can’t wait to go home and tell my parents.”, I thought.

It’s really funny though because looking back on these “proud” memories now as an almost young-adult, they all seem pretty silly to me. And that’s what I missed about being a child- the innocence to the world, the joy in simple achievements. Man I remember myself only caring about the complementary of colors from the arts I made on Paint. I remember being so excited when I finished my art and had to show it to my mom everytime. I couldn’t even care less about my appearance, college, money, politics, and how much I’m screwing life for not caring at all. Today, I’m 19 and turning 20 in a few months. I’m expected to do other things better than being on the list of the 10 excellent students, perfectly frying an egg, and finishing an art at Paint. I’m expected to do and be so much more. And that’s making me really scared. But you know what, being a child is awesome. You get to lie down all day and still your parents won’t be mad at you (though I know we all hate sleeping as a child), leave your mess and let the adult handle it, let the adults serve you. I know we all miss that but there’s something about being an adult that makes me even more excited (yet still a bit scared) about life. And bills are the least thing I’m excited about. Lol. It is the knowledge, wisdom, and experiences that I’m really looking forward to. And being able to share it with the people around me in any form of medium. My “proudest” moment today isn’t the same anymore as my younger self’s. I’m an average student at college, I’m not the best cook either, and I’m terrible at doing art. And if there’s anything that I do today that I should be proud of, it is being brave and getting through each day,  hoping in the midst of hopelessness, believing in the greatness of God when everyone else are forgetting, loving despite of being mistreated, understanding when people are being indifferent. I’m not really sure where I’d like this entry to go. And I’m probably speaking gibberish. But I hope you hear me out. Sa bawat stage ng buhay natin, iba-iba yung achievements na nagagawa natin. At bawat isa sa atin ay iba-iba rin ang nakakamit na achievements kaya wag mong ikumpara ang mga nagawa mo sa nagawa ng iba. Your journey is different from others, your story is unique. What’s really important is how that achievement makes you as a person. Ito usually ‘yung nalilimutan natin as we grow older. #Adulting in this heck of a life can be catastrophic but by the time you realize you’ve made a wrong turn, I hope you have the strength to start over. More than anything, I hope you live a life you’re proud of.

That’s it. Go and make the life you want happen! May the force be with you.


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