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Already congratulating you, self, for making it here today! DAY 02 of my 30-Day Blogging Challenge in the hopes that I’ll get out of the writing pit.


01 – My real name is Princess Anne Rangel Manuel. My first name was given by my Pap while my second name was given by my Mom. My mom named me after her bestfriend in college whom she always tell me was really nice and very pretty. I think she wants me to <somehow> acquire her traits. <Lol, mom.> They’re still good friends until now. While my Pap, I don’t know maybe upon seeing me he knew I was his princess. Or pwedeng gawa-gawa ko lang din ‘to. I never really got to asked him though. Ya know sometimes I wish I had those really cool names with cool stories behind it. 

02 – My birthday is on October 18, 1996. My lola actually was the midwife who assisted my mom when she was giving birth to me and my two other siblings.

03 – I’m taking up an Engineering course.

04 – I only learnt to play musical instruments during my teen years. Noong mga panahong nakikita ko na ang friends ko bumubuo ng bilog at nagtutugtugan while andun lang ako, nakaupo at manghang-mangha sa kanila. Hahaha! It was really my friends who inspired and influenced me. I learnt to the play uke when I was 15, guitar when I was 18 and now I’m learning to play the keyboard.

05 – I’m allergic to some seafoods like shrimp, squid and crab. My mouth and gums would become itchy and eventually will sore. Worst scenario: my chest tightens and my breathing becomes short. <Too bad for me, right?>

06 – Though I tend to get dizzy so easily, I enjoy extreme rides! Heck yeah.

07 – I love the 70s and the 80s. Everything about it.

08 – The smell of coffees, old books, and scented candles make me all giddy.

09 – I love to read. No specifics, just anything that interests me.

10 – I don’t have a favorite book or “life” book yet. It’s always like the last book I read is my favorite book. But if you’d ask me now, I have one in mind: Ako Si by Bob Ong. You should definitely read it!! IT’S SOOO GOOD.

11 – I enjoy the company of…myself. MORE. THAN. ANYTHING. You could leave me in a corner with a book in hand and I’ll be just fine.

12 – Flowers or chocolates? Flowers…I like vibrant orange, yellow, and red….I also hope it comes up with letters. <*winks*>

13 – I love the movie, The Lion King. The only movie, I think, I wouldn’t care to watch over and over again.

14 – New hobbies include: planting. I especially love plants that grow flowers like the bougainvillea. I also propagate a few kinds of succulent and I’m really hoping it will turn out well. This is something I always wanted to do but I’m either “too preoccupied” or “I don’t know how to plant”. But doing this the past few months, it actually feels nice to take care, look after something and see them grow. Sure I have a plant or two that died but it’s still worth a shot. Looking after my plants is something I do when I want to avoid anxiety and everything else.

15 – I wish to settle somewhere near the beach or at a high place facing the beach when I grow up.

16 – I’d like to visit London, Amsterdam, Australia, and Japan.

17 – I dream of performing with my uke along the streets of Manila or Intramuros or at Eastwood. Haha basta street performance! Hindi naman ako ganun kagaling pero I would like to know the feeling. Lolz

18 – I’m a born-again Christian, and I love Jesus.

19 – I love to listen to bands like All Time Low, Oasis, Coldplay, and a bit of The Beatles. I don’t have a specific genre that I always listen to because it always depends on my mood. But during long drives, I like to listen to laid-back-chill songs and acoustic songs.

20 – “I’m a beautiful mess, and I’m not going to allow myself question that. Because I am.” Thank you Colleen Hoover for that quote.

Now you know a scratch of my life and my head. Do we have any similar facts? Let’s talk on the comment section below! 🙂

| prncssmanuel, 05-16-16


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