Story behind the blog name! (and the course to defying writer’s block)



Join me in my journey into defeating this irritating writer’s block syndrome and (not really but somehow) discovering more about myself.

PS. Lord God, help me finish this challenge. Puhlease.


When I first created this blog back in 2011, I had a different blog title. I had a plenty of blog titles before. I can’t remember them all though I’m pretty sure it was very childish and too much emo vibe going on. Ya know that kind of stuff kids went into back in the days? Lol. I was always going back and forth changing and customizing my blog. I also tried combining my ideas with the blog gods I knew. I was starting to get frustrated that time. I am not that creative. I shouldn’t be doing this. I was considering that my title should represent my contents and at the same time should sound cool and hippie, BUT not too girly. An unoriented blog- that is how I will put it. As far as I can remember, it was not until 2014 that I settled with my current blog name. “Tapestry of Grace” isn’t my idea at all. It is actually a song from this Australian Christian band: Hillsong. It was also the same year year when I was going trough a really hard time at school, at home, add up to that the pressure I’m putting in myself and the self-hatred I need to get over with. I was a complete mess. I didn’t know what to do with my life. I see no purpose in everything. I’m losing hope for myself. Every day I wake up, I was wishing for my last breath. But God is so good for not allowing that to happen. He is so good for giving me the friends that I need during those times. They listened to my stories, my endless and most times almost annoying resentments. They’d do anything to keep me happy. They distract me with their clever jokes, they make sure to make time being with me even though that means we had to walk and/or eat for a few minutes inside the mall, they invite me to lunch, we always go home all together. I was happy for a moment, when I’m with them, but the feeling of depression comes back during the night, seeping into the silence of my room. It was like that until God used one of  my friends as an instrument to lead me back to Him. That is when I started going to church again and that is when I was introduced to the radical love of the Father. Jesus Christ being sent by God the Father to save the lost and sinners like me. I thought I’m not at all worthy but He thinks I am. That’s unlike any other, right? It hasn’t been the same ever since. I started to see myself in His eyes, learnt how deeply love I am and how amazing the plans He has in store for me. I fell deeply in love with Jesus. He’s my everything. Since then, I got better. I am once again in the light. Christ’s love covering me whenever I go. I am a complete different person, and life begins once again. It wasn’t perfect, but it was sure held by a perfect God. and that was enough. Now, going back to why my blog is named “Tapestry of Grace”: In my own perspective, Tapestry is a song about how every life on earth is made by God. The genesis of all mankind. A song about how our life is a complete tapestry of God’s grace. It has its ups and downs, our bad choices meeting His goodness, our success interlacing His.

“Our lives a tapestry of grace Your hand has weaved together In You no thread will ever fray This hope is ours forever Your work of art a mystery Beyond all earthly measure Your love for us a masterpiece Jesus our hope always…”

I know this is what my life is and will be all about. A collection of testimonies of His love and grace. Somehow, it made me understand that long roads and ministops have to happen to give birth to a beautiful tapestry. All the personal stories I have shared in this blog, they all testify to God’s love. It talks about failures, brokenness, pride…but they have all been met by God’s grace. Once lost, but now found. Once wounded, but now healed. I stand stronger because I have Him. He is holding this life right at the palm of His hands, weaving my stories as He molds my heart.

Everyone, everything, has a story. And these are all a tapestry of His Grace.

| prncssmanuel, 05-15-16


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