Get caught in the fever…or do not.

Here’s why:

Eat Bulaga’s Kalyserye is taking the world (rather nation) by storm. Last Saturday, the hit loveteam, AlDub as it was famously known, made history when their “very first date” episode reached a number of 12M tweets in just a day. Heated passion overtook Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It was crazy. It was unreal. Then it draw more attention, even went international- Barbie Xiu got curious from seeing the trend everyday and asked who AlDub is. It was the talk of the town the whole weekend. You’ll be probably ridiculed when you’re not hooked or least know them. Conclusion: The people definitely got the fever.

Pero nakakatawa lang. Nakakatawa kasi pagdating sa mga ganitong drama ang bilis natin magreak. Kaya natin bigyan ng atensyon, oras, at panahon. Dont get me wrong! I have nothing against AlDub or the noontime show itself. I’m a big EB fan and a certified dabarkads since I have learned about the television, and loved each of their segments. And I was also hooked with AlDub, I would lie if I say hindi ako kinikilig. Nakakatuwa yung serye. May aral.

But it was the 12M tweets that really got me (and not to mention its top spot on the list everyday). I mean, really, a million people must’ve cared enough that it reached that count!  They are really serious about this thing, huh? And it made me think, What great mass movement it could be if we start trending on the internet the things that needed much more attention like the injustices on rape and death cases, on the artifice and fraudulent action of the government officials, or just casually giving people the information that somewhere in a really poor community at provinces, elementary students don’t mind struggling walking through the forest barefoot, climbing up the rocky mountains indifferent of the splinters in their hands, crossing the deep waters just so they could go to school and learn. and the list goes on.

Where is our sense of shame? Since when did we stop caring about this serious issues? I know we can’t do everything by just riding on the hashtags, but that’s something. Mareresolba ba natin ang bawat cold case kapag naitrend ito? Mapapatalsik ba natin ang isang opisyal sa pagbibigay atensyon? Mapapag-aral ba natin ang mga batang yon sa pagkakaroon ng pake? Ang sagot, hindi. Pero, it could knock some senses on the sleeping head of the youth (or whoever is reading the threads). Maaaring magising nito yung inspirasyon at pagmamalasakit nung kabataan na magiging susunod na doktor, nars, abogado, inhinyero, volunteer worker, senador, mayor, presidente, o mayamang businessman.  Yung tinutukoy ni Rizal na mga “kabataan” na pag-asa ng ating bayan. To my fellow youth, you don’t know how much power we hold now. Pagyamanin natin ito It’s okay to have fun and laugh with your friends, but let your passion for justice, not the storyline of a serye, be the guiding characteristic of your life.

And simply tweeting about it ain’t the end of it, it’s only the beginning. Pray for the victims that they may meet justice, the officials to be enlightened and have a deep desire to serve the people, the less fortunate, that may God meet all their needs and have this hope planted in their hearts. Apart from anything else, Jesus is what this country needs. Love like Jesus- means spending more time focusing on what this world needs than following kung may forever ba sa AlDub.


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