Satisfied in You

Jesus is enough. To know Him is enough. He provides what you need, He calms the storms in your life that no one can (even yourself), His unshaken promises are our strength when everything else fails, He secures your future for He plans great things in every aspect of your life and does no harm, He generously gives you wisdom when you lack, He covers you with His divine favor, He has made you worthy when you thought you aren’t. You are the pinnacle of His love.

He gave up everything just to have you. His only Son came down to become flesh, traded His throne in heaven for the crown of thorns; He took that to know You. He took every curse and sin and brokenness and pain just to be with You. Is there anything that can surmount the grandeur of what Christ did? Once we understand this, I don’t think we will ever search for more besides Him.

Jesus is worth all to us, nothing will ever compare. Our relationship with Him surpasses anything and His love endures forever.

…and if we fail to remember this, or your heart doesn’t want to believe this…let His grace make the difference

“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing…”


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