If you’ve ever attended a Christian church, your ears have probably bled from hearing the ever famous side-greeting, “It’s not an incident you’re here.”. Well, because it is true – you’re not meant to be anywhere else but here.

And it simply amazes me how God leads the path of one person across another. How He uses the brokenness and frailty of one’s heart to empower another, how the arrogant stumbles upon the humble, how the lost comes across the found. Every turns, cancelled plans, transferring from one place to another, broken relationships, all the pain and heartbreaks – these remarkable intersections, all the secret arrows, no matter how silly you think it is, has been pointing you here – to Jesus. I’m not the sharpest knife in the cabinet when it comes to approximations of time, but I do believe God has mastered the tick tocks of the clock to lead you to the exact place where you should be, a divine meeting with Jesus Christ– His constant love, indecipherable grace, and unceasing hope.

And finally, when you arrive at that moment, you have to make a decision. A decision whether to continue the life you’re holding now – a life without security, always trembling, worried about tomorrow for what it holds – or to embrace the new found hope in Christ. But I’m not saying that you have to wait for that “captivating moment” to happen, because right here, right now, you can reflect and seek Christ. He does not withdraw Himself to the hearts who are earnestly seeking him. The Lord is never selfish with His presence, and He doesn’t need you to be anyone in this world but yourself. Come. as. you. are. _a97hqp0 Sunsets, somehow, remind me of this hope my soul is holding on to. It reminds me that no matter how bad your day went, no matter how chaotic and uncontrollable your situation may seem right now, it will always come to an end. That these dreadful situations will pass as the sun goes down and dusk covers in. And as the sun rises once again, You will wake up with a new hope and strong conviction that today will be a new day for living a fecund life. This hope is Jesus. Let go of every lie that the enemy have planted in your head. A new day is coming with new mercy, embrace it. Empty your cup, and let God fill it up with His love.


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