An obligatory 2014 appreciation post

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2014 has brought a lot of twists and turns in my life. Ever felt the sudden drop of your stomach during roller coaster rides? Yeah, that’s basically what this year gave me. On a more personal note, this year marked my 18th birthday and it seemed like it was only yesterday I was devouring my bottled milk and now I have the power to do what most adults do–fine. just some of it. But as for a fresh grad from being a minor, some of my Finally!’s are: not needing anymore to fake my birth date on my social media accounts, I can now sign in to my Microsoft account without it telling me to ask my parents to have my account connected to their’s, I can now go to 18+ parties–which is unlikely to happen still because strict parents lol, watch R-18 horror movies at cinemas, yes, and jails…let’s not forget about jails.

At 18, we’re like in the 2/5 stage of our life. Still have too many things to learn, too many things to discover and explore. 18 years isn’t really that “long” but between those years, a lot has happened and a lot of it has taught me about people, circumstances, chances, and life. And here are some of them (featuring my favorite memories of 2014):

1. People change. A good old friend, a family member, or probably the girl/guy you hated so much back in high school. We all change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. But either way, we gotta deal with it. An old friend changed into what you swore together you will never be. A family member that is close yet feels so distant. Or probably the mean girl or the bully in your high school changed into what you imagine he/she can never be. People and their choices can be so unpredictable.


2. It’s okay to commit mistakes. A few mistakes won’t mean you’re a fiasco and it certainly won’t make you any less of a person. Mistakes are proof that you’re doing something perhaps a desire to get out of your comfort zone. And as long as you’re learning from it, I believe there’s no reason to degrade yourself, right? And remember that sometimes, great stories are born from our reckless and impulsive teenage hormones (not that kind of mistake, you perv.).

1503811_846725398672495_372864776759347137_n 1656279_10200512566256073_1091879424_n

3. You’re gonna be needing a bagful of trust in yourself. There will be days where you will be indecisive with the college program you’re taking or skeptical with what you truly want to pursue. You gotta have a good skill in ducking and/or side stepping because people will throw you discouragements whenever they have the chance to. The presence of the “downers” will always be there and you should not give a single bother to what they say because frick you know yourself more than any other person in this world! Be confident! You know for a fact that you have a basket full of brains and talents and that you will go a long way for that!

10325144_763238167053937_5603163494293633121_n  10409582_763237380387349_2787220855192875003_n

4. It’s okay to be single. I live in a generation where if you don’t have a lovey-dovey, people (im not saying all but there are some) will pressure you with their lovely labels such as as “lame” because ure on your teenage years, why are you not in a relationship? have fun, guuurl!, “nerd” because whuuut gurl ure always facing your book y not face some rl nice biceps n good looking boys instead?, “old soul” because there’s no such thing as Maria Clara. guuurl she died with Rizal ages ago! and the list goes on. Here’s what I think: I highly disagree that my status as per being involved in a relationship or not can define who I am as a person. Relationship is not a game–at least for my realist mind. If you can’t see a future with that person, what’s the point of dating? Now, if enjoying my singleness whilst improving myself until “the right one” comes along sound lunatic to you, then hear me out I probably am!

10343668_10201484050582574_903571694023424641_n 10406762_810580025653084_8766809651349798958_n

5. It’s okay to be alone with yourself. Ride the bus alone, watch the new released movie at the cinema alone, have your lunch alone, sit in a bench beside a lake alone, go for walks alone. Everyday, we interact with a horrendous amount of different people that sometimes we need a little break from all of it and be the first one to ask ourselves what’s up?. A little space from people will not only give you a surprising peace of mind but also a chance to get to know the depths of yourself more. Ya know, have some time alone and just breathe life in.

6. Do not let the time limit you. While it is acceptable to be alone with yourself, we also need to understand that we live in a fast time frame. One day you’re 9, the next day you’re 16. One day you’re in high school, the next day you only have a year until you get your college diploma. Every day in a life fills the whole life with great perhaps, adventure, excitement and memory and when we forget that these are that day, we might miss them all. Take a break! Time flies undeniably fast and we gotta seize every moment with our favorite people. Carpe diem! 


7. Words are powerful. You could be sitting right next to a person who’s having an anxiety attack yet you wouldn’t know because he seems perfectly fine on the outside. There is not one person in the world that is not sad about something. You remember that before you open your mouth. Unpleasant and discouraging words can cut deeply onto our souls. This bible verse had already reminded us about that. Words are powerful. Use yours to inspire.


8. Be honest with yourself. If you feel like screaming out of frustration, then scream. If you’re mad at someone, tell them you’re mad – do not tell otherwise then end up in resentment. If you’re sad and upset about something, then be sad, cry, if you have to. I’ve learned that sometimes, it’s okay not to hide behind those fake smiles and “I’m okay” responses because clearly, we’re not helping ourselves. In fact, we’re doing the world a favor for creating a death trap for our really cool and awesome selves. So next time, do not be afraid to tell somebody that you don’t feel okay. Swallow that pride. We are all human being and we breakdown sometimes.


9. God is good. All the time. People and circumstances may tell you otherwise, but God. is. good. Most of the time, He doesn’t play the game the way you wanted Him to play it or how you thought He would play it because if so, then His deity would become senseless. God is good although the human mind cannot grasp His plans. We have a God who breathes love and out of love He created the universe and everything in it. God is good, and I stand as His witness in this. and I hope you see Him that way, too.


Thank you, 2014! I’ll be bringing with me a heaps of memories, laughter, tears, lessons, love, and joy in my peculiar yet euphoric adventure. Thank you family, highschool friends, college friends, churchmates. Thank you. Thank You God. Thank You for showing Your love through bringing these awesome people in my life! Thank You for Your gracing us another year. Another year – another chance – of faithfully serving You, exalting Your name, knowing the depths of Your heart, O Lord. Thank You.

{thank u Batch, Mica, Airah,
Bleeszy, Alex, ate Kz, Colline
and CCMEast
for the photos hahahaha credz
to u awesome people, lolz}

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