Respect: We give. We take.

Being called “too thin” hurt as much as being called “fat”. Skinny people need respect too. No I don’t live a perfect life neither do I condescend because I’m this. And if you’re thinking insecurities don’t cross my head, you’re wrong. Because each time I face the mirror, I wish it is something different that I am seeing. I don’t have an eating disorder. I am naturally skinny and I am healthy. It’s plain obscure to risk your health just to impress someone who’s probably gonna forget you once you’re all wrinkled and deaf. Now, I’m not pointing a finger to any specific person. This is an open message to anyone who doesn’t give a damn on what we, skinny people, feel. Skinny-shaming exists and it must be stopped as soon as possible. I’m not saying that skinny people need special treatment. Women, men, fat, skinny, white, black, asian–it doesn’t matter; it was never nice to put labels on people. We should all learn the limitations of our language and that we are all human being vulnerable with words like knives. It is important to show respect to people of all different sizes, shapes, colors and backgrounds. After all, it doesn’t hurt to think twice before you speak.

The world itself is hateful enough and adding into it with your insensitive hurtful words won’t get us close to that chance of making this world a better place. Instead of speaking such words, why not be nice to someone today and be a bridge of encouragement for a change? Who knows, maybe you’ll feel a lightness in your gut. And it only takes a spark to light a forest fire. 🙂


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