Hillsong United Manila 2k14

June 13, 2014 – One night of an epic worship set for the One perfect God. We waited (I think) a month and a half for this; to experience the presence of God in a whole different level and to receive and be blessed as well by the anointing God has channeled through the band. We were expecting so much from this concert and guess what? God didn’t fail us.

We were in the line waiting for the doors to open at 6:30. I guess a perfect time to take a few photos!!

20140613_007Our tickets got handed to us and we’re finally inside the dome yay!!

20140613_009April, Mico, Pao

20140613_010Mae, Me, Arlyn, Pao

We were also with our other churchmates but they were in the Upper Box and they have a different line so we weren’t able to take photos with them.

20140613_024 20140613_019

The stage looks so simple here but wait till the show starts

20140613_025 20140613_027

Here’s the dome being filled with hungry yet happy hearts

20140613_016 20140613_017

Well what do you know, our faces show how excited we are to worship and just feel the presence of God!! I appreciate how most of the people in the Patron SRO crowd were young adults. For me, it shows how passionate they are in reaching out to God but just like what Joel said, regardless of what section you are in, whether you’re in the very back or in the very front, as long as you have that fire in your heart for God and you’re experiencing His Spirit, you’re okay.



Hillsong opened the show with the song “Relentless”. I feel really blessed and overwhelmed to be a part of a big crowd who sings praises to our Lord Jesus.

20140613_035 20140613_036

The lights were so good!!!

20140613_038 20140613_040

Can you imagine the number of hands in the air reaching for God and receiving His Spirit?

20140613_041 20140613_042

These were the last photos I took during the concert because everything was so intense the whole time and it gets better and better and better; you could really feel God’s presence throughout the show. I love how the crowd did not care how hot it was in the SRO section and how soaked they are in sweat and even how they looked- we were all enjoying the presence of God. Dati, gustong-gusto ko maexperience how’s it like to be in a crowd moshing to a punk/rock band pero ngayon, I don’t think I’ll ever experience another concert as special as this. Ibang-iba yung feeling kapag si Lord yung dahilan ng pagsayaw, pagkanta or even pagmosh mo. But I’m not saying that you have to be in this certain crowd or in this Hillsong [or any other Christian band] concert to feel His presence kasi sa church mo mismo or sa sarili mo lang na pagbibigay ng praise to Him, mararanasan mo eh as long as you get your heart into the Spirit.

After the song With Everything, the lights went out and a group of people continued the song and in a matter of seconds, the whole dome was singing along too and I thought that moment was just beautiful. All for God. Stage lights went out and everyone was chanting “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” and just when everyone thought the whole concert was over, few of Hillsong came out and decided to sing one more song, they probably realized how crazy everyone is for Jesus. They sang Young and Free’s Alive and for the last time the mass demands to play One Way and they did. Everyone was dancing, shouting and singing the lyrics of the song from their hearts to Jesus’. I think the night has given Him a smile on His face.

20140613_048 20140613_049

One last group shot before we head outside and look for the others!!

20140613_051 20140613_052

Da bffs. Thank you guys!!!!

It was never really about the band, the stage, the lights, the section you’re in nor the selfies took. It was all about Him– the One who gave His everything. No other name but Jesus!!! As the concert ends, His unfathomable presence, His immeasurable love, His overflowing grace will not end there. This could also be the start of the great things ahead of us through Jesus. Same with our battles, life will continue to bombard us with difficulties but one thing is for sure, God is with us and He has overcome the world. Fear not for our God is victorious!! He died but rose from the dead three days after. He is alive and victorious! I remember one of the member of the Hillsong said last night [these are not the exact words though but here is his point], “The difficulties in our lives–depression, anxiety, frustrations, jealousy, pride– these are not our actual difficulty, the only difficulty a man has is surrendering to God. It is such a struggle for a man to surrender for we know surrendering is a sign of weakness, that we’ve given up. But once we surrender to God not to our problems, when we trust our life to Him, we become victorious for our God has done it all for you, it was all laid down on the cross. Our God, Jesus Christ, has set us free from all these yoke of slavery. Through His blood we were set free.” Believe. Trust. Receive. Our God is alive and we praise Him for this special event in our lives! Praise Him for He has done it all! Praise the One who loves the world so much that He gave His everything. Praise Him for His perfect love!!

Shout unto God with a voice of triumph!

Shout unto God with a voice of praise!

Shout unto God with a voice of triumph!

We lift your name up!

We lift your name up!

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