Too self-conscious

Being too self-conscious sprains your great day and eventually leads you to nothing but anxiety. I think 85% of us have experienced or is experiencing this and I think what we should do is just look away and don’t give a bother because life goes on and every individual breathing in this planet has their own lives that is likely more relevant than you and stressing over this “what do people think of me” crap is just plain ridiculous because you’re making up these frightening thoughts and presumptions that subsequently hunts you in your head then eats you away on short notice and I don’t know, I think that’s just absurd.

Like me in example, to get to my school, I have to ride the train everyday and I have formed this self-destructive habit of comparing myself to the other girls I see and just over thinking how people see me like I am that relevant in their lives. As ridiculous as it sounds, I am that self-conscious. It took me a few months that what I’ve been doing: obsessing over what these people think of me is unhealthy. I’ve realized that how these people see me doesn’t matter and what should be kept relevant to me is what I think of myself. I remember what my mom once told me, “As long as you know yourself and your capabilities, I don’t think anyone or anything could bring you down.” Thanks, Mom.

Bottom line: Do not depend on anyone on how you’re supposed to feel about yourself or even don’t let anyone blur your perception on your true self. You are more than what that bitter little voice in your head tells you. You dont need to please anyone in this world. You don’t need to be cool or to always be in the in crowd. Their bad opinions of you are irrelevant and I think what we, teens, should focus more is on what God thinks of us. I don’t think there’ll be any thing more fulfilling than putting a smile on our Father’s face in Heaven.


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