There was this time when I was really sad. I grabbed my phone and started texting this random number what I was feeling that night; how I feel so alone, pressured with college, and feeling left behind by my friends. Of course, there was no response neither did I expect for a response. I wasn’t disappointed nor mad. Im not really sure, but I know what I felt was a relief.

Idk but after that, I came up with a slight realization, that maybe not every sad person needs an affectionate response or cheesy lines that will make them feel the butterflies. That some people just want someone to listen to their stories, their problems, their feelings. That is all. I mean, comforting doesn’t always mean you have to say nice things but being there, showing them that you’re just a call away to listen to their stories is enough. Trust me, that’s all they want.
I’ve been there and that is all I ever wanted.


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