Love yourself so no one has to

“This goes out to anybody who has ever been put down or called crazy, to anybody who’s ever felt like people have a free pass to walk all over them, to anybody who’s ever been made to question themselves or their beliefs or their values. It goes out to anyone who’s ever felt like they’re opinion doesn’t matter, or like the way they think is the wrong way to think. This goes out to anybody who feels like the way they feel, is the wrong way to feel. It goes out to anybody who has ever been told that they’re alone, or who has ever felt alone. It goes out to anybody who feels like they can’t live their life the way they want to live it. This goes out to anyone who’s ever been the victim of someone else’s bullshit, or been held down, or been singles out. It’s for anybody who’s ever been afraid to stand up for themselves for who they are, or for who their friends are. It’s for anybody who has ever been made to doubt themselves, about anything in their lives, by anybody else. Do not let anybody convince you otherwise about who you are, okay? It’s something that happens all the time, and it’s fucked up. This goes out to anybody who has ever been put down, or made to feel like they need help, when all they really need is a hug. To anybody… anybody who just isn’t quite sure where they belong. And it goes out to all of you. Be who you are, no matter what. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise; you are who you are, and that is the most beautiful thing in the world. . There’s no room in the world for intolerance, people. It’s 2011- lets grow the fuck up. There are some bad fucking people man and we all go through it. But, I can tell you this, I can tell you that no matter what you are fucking beautiful. You really are. Don’t take other people’s shit. Believe what you want to believe, live how you want to live, and don’t put other people through the same bullshit, be nice. This song is called Therapy, and it goes like this” -Alex Gaskarth (Therapy Speech)

Things aren’t going so well around lately. Like, there were these times where you wish the world would just stop spinning and as well as your breathing.
“Don’t feel bad about your situation/feelings because some people may have it worse.” I think it’s really unfair to say this to someone who is in a situation overload.

I mean, indeed, every single person experiences tough times but just because somebody out there may have it worse, doesn’t mean that you cannot feel bad about your own. I believe that we are all allowed to feel what we think we should feel as an individual.
Do not judge.
Because after all, you cannot really understand a person until you put yourself into his shoes, so yeah.


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