College organizations are the best yet in college. Since we are taking up Chemical Engineering, we are all required to join AdUChESS (Adamson University Chemical Engineering Students Society). Last Wednesday (62613), our org held our first meeting at AdU OZ AVR, the AdUChESS Congress 2013. and I could tell you the program was a hell of fun! Sir Olay was there (our ChE Dept. head), ChE professors, and they also invited an alumnus to speak (i’m sorry I forgot his name but have no worries bec I’m going to post some pictures from the program later!), and of course all the ChE students. The program started with a prayer, the Adamsonian Prayer and then the Hymn. The emcees made a roll call to the blocks and it was funny because when our block was called, we have like .2% energy unlike the others lol idek. then Sir Olay had a short speech and gave the floor to the guest speaker. Also, the former president of AdUChESS gave a speech, it was all about his journey in AdU as a Chemical Engineering student. He also gave some advises for us freshmen. I think he did well considering that he’s obviously nervous because had everyone’s attention especially us, freshmen, because gudda I won’t lie, the guy is a good-looking man. They gave recognition to the top students from the last semester, afterwards, they presented the new set of officers for 2013 through a video (I’m going to post the link of the video later if you want to check it out.), and lastly an intermission from the officers! Everyone on the org made me love the AdU ChE community more! The higher levels’ welcome were so overwhelming. Aaaaahhh I wish you could feel what I’m feeling right now <4 It was a great day, indeed! Here are the photos from the meeting: (c) AdUChESS


ChE students!


ChE professors, Sir Olay, Guest alumnus


Sir Olay doing a speech


Mr. Guest Speaker/Alumnus


Adamson Hymn


Former AdUChESS President


One of the org’s award dedicated to Sir Olay

936442_662769447070789_947032137_n 1013412_662769473737453_1959252372_n 1017606_662769633737437_1315546325_n 945007_662769780404089_1486659044_n

1st to 4th year top students’ awarding


Intermission no. from our Ate’s and Kuya’s


Only half of this year’s AdUChESS officers

AdUChESS 1314 Officers!

(Click the link below to see video)

AdUChESS surely highlighted my freshmen year!

Looking forward for greater activities!



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