Welcome back!!!!!!

Wow. It has been 2 years since I last updated this blog. So I just had to reconstruct this blog and give it a new touch. It is less complicated now and looks more tidy and organize with the white background and simple balloons theme and fonts.

As I scroll through my past blogs I was really shocked with what I’ve read. I can’t even remember that I wrote them; previous blogs were all about pains, misery and heartaches. wow I cannot believe I’ve been through that. wow.

Well, right now I’m just really happy with my past self that she has been strong enough to stand over her emotions, and I know expressing her emotions through writing helped her a lot. And these blogs that I wrote years ago will always remind me of the fights that I’ve won over; that things may not be better right now but with time and God’s help, every wound will heal and jailed hearts will be freed.

☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

2 years were quite a long year of not blogging. (Actually, it was a long year!) Many things have had happened in that 2 years. I became a Senior, got to go to prom for the second time, had CATs, did College entrance exams wherein I failed to pass UP and UST (but that’s fine because I’m loving AdU!), and also the most awaited High School Graduation!!

But life will not stop there!! We still have college, where I could say, the most pressuring level of a teenager’s life because not only your dignity is at risk if you failed, but also your parents’ and how could someone resist seeing his parents disappointed with him? I dont know about you but college is like the now or never moment of your dreams.

How’s my college? My college, I could say, is totally rad!! I am currently enrolled at Adamson University. It is really far from my home and my parents didn’t allow me to rent dorms yet so I had to commute 2 hours every day to get to my school. It was all tiring but despite of it, I could say that it was all paid off. I am learning so much, more focused and determined and I am actually having fun at college! I’m just really worried of losing more weight because as you know I am really slim and I’m beyond furious about not gaining any weight!!! Anyway, my recent weeks at AdU were so much fun because I had to meet new people (lots of beautiful people wink wink), set of new friends, and I really have to say AdU community is so overwhelming. The people there are so nice, natural and very approachable. They are all just beautiful people aaah ♥

By the way, here is a photo of my blockmates. I’m sorry for low quality

ChE 101


This is our group photo during P.E. Our Prof had an emergency leave meaning classes are off, dismissal time!!!!

Right now, I just finished doing my 5 pages paperworks in Gen Chem.1 and I still have Trigo and a Drawing Lab plates to be passed on Thursday. Thank God we don’t have classes later because Manila Day!! I’m also going to meet my high school buddies later to visit our past school and teachers and chill together subsequently.

I think that’s all for today/ It’s 4 in the morning and I really have to take a rest now. Goodnight xo


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